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“Kim, I would like to thank you for presenting diabetes information at our Wellness Workshops at the Karsten Manufacturing Corporation. Diabetes is a disease that has touched the lives of many of our staff here at Ping, in one way or another. Our employees were happy to learn easy, effective ways to prevent and/or manage diabetes or how to help their family and friends.

You were able to keep their attention and present a serious subject with a light-hearted and often humorous approach. Thank you for your contribution to our wellness program.”

Brooke Shearer Benefits Manager

” I am writing this to recommend Kim Minert. I had the pleasure of hiring Kim for a corporate wellness presentation. She presented to approximately 160 employees on the topic of of a low carb, high fat diet for managing blood sugar and A1C levels. Kim was engaging, articulate and passionate about her topic. She truly connected with the audience, especially when she shared her struggle and victories with managing her diabetes and blood sugar levels.”

Noelle Stanley, My Body Balanced, Corporate Wellness Director Ping Golf

“I wanted to thank you again for facilitating the “Pre-Diabetes/Diabetes” class for the ASU employees. I really appreciate the last minute fill in for Dr. Hilts! We had a wonderful turnout and the audience was very engaged. Thank you for your support to the ASU Employee Wellness Program, it was a pleasure meeting you.

Sincerely, Liz Badalamenti Director ASU Faculty Wellness

I appreciate how, in your book, you explain diabetes and how insulin works. Your personal journey is helpful too.


Nancy A. Meyer, M.A. Chief Visionary Mentor and Podcaster, WeMentor, inc.

“Derail Diabetes is a well-written, practical guide…and entertaining!  I worked with Kim, and implemented the strategy in her book.  I  lost 24 pounds and find it much easier to maintain this time.  Kim communicates with clients and audiences in an easy-to-understand style, with humor and flair.  Get the book!”

Don Thoren, CPAE-Speaker Hall of Fame
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