Jimmy Moore ROCKS the low carb scene with his podcast at livinlavidalowcarb.com

Drs. Michael & Mary Dan Eades were at the forefront of the movement with Protein Power! My parents read the book at it changed their lives!

Dave Feldman. Find him at cholesterolcode.com, where he conducts research on…himself!

Brian Williamson (ketovangelist.com) and Hannah Boethius (Europe’s top Type 1 Coach…a Swede!), diabetesexpert.com. Great support!

Dr. Ron Rosedale looks at the body in a holistic way, looking at diabetes and aging. His site drrosedale.com is a valuable resource.

Me & Melanie Miller! Amazing leader and speaker for Healcare Clinics. Her energy is contagious!

Dr Eric Westman: Duke University Obesity Medicine. Treats people with food and gets them OFF as much medicine as possible!

Dr. Stephen Finney has taken the brunt of the opposition to low-carb nutrition, as a forerunner in the industry. He still stands strong.

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During the journey from diagnosis of diabetes to healthy living, I have met some amazing people who are working hard to provide people with accurate information, some in a very entertaining way. From doctors and scientists to nutritionists, chefs and just people who like to make good choices on what to eat…these folks provide the what and why behind healthy weight loss, reversing diabetes, and more.

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