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Foreward-thinking doctors are using mentors and coaches to help diabetics in a totally new way. And yet, it’s not really new.  Before we had the latest drugs, we relied on the help of friends and family and the diabetic community for support, real food and activity.  Our bodies react to the food we eat and our physical activity, and those factors influence our health… and expecially those of us diagnosed with Pre-diabetes and Diabetes. As unique individuals, our consequences from those factors can vary from person to person.

This is why our signature programs are personalized for you, and why getting to know you is so important.
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12 Weeks to Transformation

Master diabetes. NOW.

Lower A1c or your money back

Know what TO eat and what NOT to eat…based on latest scientific studies

All the education and strategy you need, simple and easy.  No more late night Google searches

You get 12  transformational calls that inspire and inform

Learn how to replace defeating habits with new success spirals

AND unlimited text and email support for 12 weeks

Transformation Support Going Forward

You’re on a good path, and want a coach to maintain your progress
1. Personal growth assessment
2. Eat better and better
3. More recipes and lifestyle coaching
4. Weekly group coaching webinar
5. Private Personalized Monthly Coaching Call


3 plus 30

If you are newly diagnosed or feeling stuck and overwhelmed, consider the 3 plus 30 option to serve and support you

1. Come to Scottsdale, AZ for a 3-day intensive diabetes solution weekend
2. Eat food you like assessment
3. Personal shopping lesson
4. Cooking lessons and eating strategy sessions
5. How to Happy Hour and not blow your blood sugar goals
6. Eating in resaurants…or Menu Management Mastery
7. How to Holiday Strategic Planning
8. Recreation, Activities, Hobbies, and “what to do when you’re bored other than eat”
9. Daily touch-points for 30 days via text and/or email

Information coming to your email inbox weekly, based on the latest research on diabetes.
Group coaching via Monthly Webinar, with recording for reference or if you miss the scheduled event.


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We are all unique individuals, with unique preferences and needs.  I start my coaching with a foundation of knowledge, then adjust the protocol to fit the needs of each individual client.  I become your hands-on mentor,  a knowlegable resource who can coach you to success.  Let’s derail your diabetes together!

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