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The Diabetic

Kim’s diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes started her on a journey to figure out this disease. After marrying a Type 1 a year later, she was even more motivated to learn how to shop, cook, and eat right. Writing, coaching, and speaking to help others was a natural outcome. She brings a message of hope!

The Cook

Meet Marianne Petrillo, a diabetic who has lived with the disease for many years, and followed standard diabetic care…and found it didn’t work so well. She discovered that there are better foods that don’t decimate her blood sugar, and used them to create hundreds of recipes that are tasty AND diabetes friendly!
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The Doctor

Dr. Helen Hilts is a family practice physician who specializes in the care of diabetics, and above all cares for her own diabetes. Diagnosed over 13 years ago, she is still on no medication because of her food choices and self-care. Ask a question and get it answered in the magazine…


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