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2018 was a busy year for us at DeRail Diabetes. We attended Smart Fem Symposimum with Lea Woodford, and had the pleasure of talking with her for her television show, SmartFemTV which can be viewed on Rocu and Amazon Prime. See the interview here.

Kim Minert was a guest on Steve Sapato’s podcast, The Happiness Agenda, and found out that just one week prior to taping, Steve had been diagnosed with diabetes. Quickly the podcast turned to coaching, what Kim loves best! Link to podcast.

We Mentor, inc with Nancy Meyer, features a WeMentor Monday podcast, where Kim was a guest in a two-part series on entrepreneurs with multiple interests. Learn how she manages to take care of health concerns while working on multiple projects!

Having fun with the Spunky Old Broad, Dr. Gayle on her show, Living Without Regrets. Boy, self-care is right up there with living regret-free. Kim has found many people in her time spent with diabetics, who wish like crazy they had taken better care of their health before diagnosis, or at least at the start. Tune in here.



  • July 26-29 marks the days when DeRail Diabetes members Kim Minert and Helen Hilts, MD will venture out to San Diego, CA for the third annual Low Carb USA conference. This event has grown like crazy, and this year will not disappoint. Featured guest speakers include Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt from, Drs. Steven Phinney and Jeff Volek, founders of Virta Health and Gary Taubes, author of multiple NYT Bestsellers including The Case Against Sugar and Why we Get Fat and What to Do About It. Others include Dr. Eric Westman, Dave Feldman, and Peter Ballerstedt, Phd. Highlights from the conference will be covered in the August issue of Derail Diabetes Magazine.


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