Diabetes Depression can be brought on by a few things, but none brings it on faster than the thought that you’ll never pick up a piece of pizza in your hand, and with hot cheese dripping through your fingers, sink your teeth into that nectar of the Italian Gods, the food we have come to know and love across the entire country, yes, it’s pizza.

Last night my diabetic husband #timminert requested pizza for dinner.  Of course, he was joking.  He’s fully aware that I don’t allow him to eat pizza. #diabeticpolice.  Then, my mind went crazy!  I remembered a recipe that I saw for “real pizza” and decided to give it a go.

This is the supremely delicious crust upon oven entry.  Just a few ingredients like unflavored whey protein, and egg, some olive oil, some herbs and cheese…yum.

After baking it for 10 minutes, the next step was to top with pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.  Or any of your favorite toppings.  Back into the oven she went, and came out dripping with pizza goodness.

And yes, you could cut it with a real pizza cutter and pick up a slice.  Who knew?

I’m so stoked about this I HAVE to make a video for y’all.  Will post it on the blog here, as well as my facebook page…join us at #deraildiabetes.  Facebook page by the same name.  See you there! Arrivederci.

If you want the recipe, just go to www.deraildiabetes and request it, happy to send.