As I go about my December days, I inevitably end up talking with people about food, sugar, diabetes, and the inevitable “Holiday Weight Gain”.  Ineveitable, they say.  Will get a handle on the sugar-binge in January.

Get Started…TODAY!

In a conversation with a diabetic a diabetic yesterday, she said she had to think about it, making positive changes in her food to help manage blood sugar. Said she might start after the first of the year. I aske her, “Why not start Today?  Right now?”  She couldn’t answer that question.  I guess she’s just not ready.  My heart breaks.  Maybe my mission in life isn’t to educate about blood sugar till I’m blue in the face, preach about the evils of sugar and it’s addictive nature, blab on incessantly about insulin resistance and weight gain…Maybe it’s to help people “get ready.”

According to my friend Valerie Berkowitz, registered dietician and certified diabetes educator, “If you have diabetes (or any medical condition that can improve with lifestyle changes), wish to lose weight or want a better relationship, your readiness to change will make the difference in your long term success.”  (to read today’s blogpost by Valerie click here)  Ready, Set, Go

Are you READY?  Let’s get healthy and #deraildiabetes!  I’m getting ready to help y’all get ready!

If you have a story about the time you “got ready” and made a postive change, I want to hear about it! Comment below.