Who knew?  In 1977 a decree was issued by Caesar US Government, that we should eat less fat. Since then, study after study has poked holes in those dietary guidelines, because history has now shown that the #lowfatlie has led us down the path of declining health, bigger waistlines…and Holiday Weight Gain!

This weight gain…which, by the way, is much less than people in my audiences guess it is, leads us to the number one New Years Resolution…to LOSE WEIGHT!   (People guess 7-10 pounds, actual weight gained is much less. In a 2013 study from Texas Tech, participants gained only about 1.3 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  It doesn’t seem like much, but studies also show that if they lose it at all, it takes them 5 months to lose that 1.3 pounds.  And if you don’t lose it, in 20 years that adds up to a whopping 26 pounds!  Enough to increase your risk of diabetes.

So what’s the answer to you getting to choose a new Resolution this year? Hard to believe for those of us who were young adults in the 70’s, and hammered by media that eating fat will kill us, but the answer is eat the fat.  That’s right folks, the fat you eat will keep you full and help you resist the temptation to eat the foods that are the root of the problem, foods high in sugar.

End holiday weight gain by following these 3 simple guidelines.
(do NOT make them optional.)

  1.  Don’t go to a party hungry!  It’s a sure way to fall off the wagon.  Temptation is at it’s peak when we are hungry, and that line-up of carbs in every imaginable irresitable form will attack you when you’re weak.  I eat before I go, sometimes a full meal.  Temptation low, resolve is high.
  2. When you get to your party, look for tasty filling choices available at most parties, the meat and cheese platter, and start nibbling there.  Work your way to the veggie tray, and follow it up with berries and whipped cream.  Bam, you’re full, nourished, and didn’t binge on the deserts.  Start with sugar and it’s a slippery slope.
  3. Drink water.  My daughter says she sips on water throughout the party, and it helps with the temptation to indulge.  Added benefit, of course, is hydrating the body.  Thirst is sometimes mistaken for hunger.

10 Strategies to Stay on Track During the Holidays

Here are 10 great ideas from Dr. Mark Hyman.  #eatfatgetthin.  If you have any tips to add for enjoying the Holidays without gaining nary a pound, I’d love to hear them!  Comment below.