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The following excerpt was written by a limb amputation researcher and surgeon, trying to make sense of the dramatic increase in amputations in California…I’m trying to make sense out of his optimism!

“Several diabetes specialists and public health officials suggested the increase in amputations could be a good thing, a sign that persistent diabetes-related wounds are not being allowed to fester. Maybe with more distal amputations of toes, and feet, ankles and legs are being spared, they said.

It could be “more a marker of success than failure,” said Philip Goodney, MD, a vascular surgeon and limb amputation researcher with the Dartmouth Institute in New Hampshire, which analyzes Medicare data to see health trends.

While it’s hard to know what California’s data means without more complicated analyses, Goodney said amputations of toes and transmetatarsal procedures across the foot may spare the ankle and leg, and still maintain enough of the foot so patients can still walk.

“I tell my patients that the toes are there for decoration. If we can help you keep your foot, then you can live at home and live independently. It’s when you get your below-knee amputation or your above-knee amputation that the sort of major impacts on quality of life starts to happen,” Goodney said.”

As a diabetic patient myself, I say maybe we should address the underlying cause of amputations, which is thick, sticky, gooey blood that is trying to circulate and can’t because it is COATED WITH SUGAR!  According to Helen Hilts, MD, at Honor Health Chapparral in Scottsdale, AZ, a blood sugar reading above 160 indicates that the same chemical reaction that makes plastic is now occurring in the blood of a human being.  Let’s talk about that for a change and how to do something about that!  There’s hope beyond cutting off a toe!

For entire article: https://www.medpagetoday.com/endocrinology/diabetes/68086