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“It would be so much easier to be an alcoholic…you can just NOT drink! But you HAVE to eat!” This is a commonly held belief among those of us foodaholics, and one I have expressed often in the past! However, a friend of mine just showed me the err of my belief and it was an eye opener for sure! She said, “I STILL drink, I HAVE to drink (water, for example). I just choose not to drink THAT!” Whoa. Yes, I have to eat. I just don’t have to eat that!

Every day we have choices, to eat or drink whatever we choose. Addiction aside, (the body’s compulsion to overtake any common sense we thought we had, and MAKE us eat or drink what we, under any other circumstances, would never eat or drink) we really do have more control over our lives that we think. And keeping food choices simple and low in carbohydrates is a sure-fire tool in our quest to take control back and compulsion at bay. Here are three mindset tips that, if implemented daily, will be sure to keep you snugly in the wagon with less risk of falling off of it!

Make a list of all the low carb foods that you enjoy. (See list in Chapter 12 “What can I eat” in my book, Your New BFF, Burn Fat for Fuel, Lose Weight, Beat Diabetes.) Keep your favorite low carb foods available at all times. Make your life easy. If you like to cook from scratch, fine, but if you want to keep on track have low carb food accessible with little or no prep time. Bring food with you or eat before you go out to avoid getting stuck hungry and tempted to grab a carb-loaded snack.

Three easy tried and true ways to take control of food choices. I guarantee that dabbling in the danger-zone will lead to a detour in the best intentions you might have. Dr Helen Hilts, in her lecture for diabetes prevention says that she has never seen anyone succeed in managing their diabetes, or preventing it for that matter, by trying to “cut back” on sugary and starch-filled food. It’s all or nothing, baby.

Try it, you’ll like it!