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When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I had no idea the journey I would embark upon.

That I would marry my diabetic boyfriend, find a diabetic doctor, and meet an amazing cook who is diabetic! And that I would be called to help other people with diabetes. .

If you’ve been diagnosed recently, or just stuck in a rut and would like to make a change, get off medication, and feel a whole lot better, you’ve come to the right place.  It’s time to #DeRail Diabetes.

Are you hungry for more?

Tired of feeling discouraged and deprived?

Confused by conflicting information about diabetes?

Victimized by constant cravings and hunger?

Are you craving satisfaction?

Have confidence in your ability to make healthy choices.

Beat diabetes while eating food you love.

Enjoy a steady stream of energy, and focus on the joys of life.

Let’s Work Together!

Private support to fast track your success

Get the tools you need to control diabetes

Support at all Levels


Get weekly tips, subscribe to magazine, order a copy of DeRail Diabetes, or our Cookbook, Conquer Diabetes on Less than $5 a Day! All created with you in mind.

You’ll find the info you need to successfully manage and reverse diabetes.

Help to the Max!

From custom food plans, recipes, shopping lists, and walking you through a grocery store, you get all the personal attention you can hope for when you join the DeRail Diabetes Mentorship Program. On-site with you, with us in Arizona, or virtual, we’ve got you covered.

Celebrate Life!

It’s part of our culture at DeRail Diabetes, to assess a situation, address it, and celebrate victories along the way.  Small victories count! There’s never a dull moment working with us, we approach a devastating diagnosis with an optimistic attitude.

Feel the optimism…it’s catching!

Letter from Kim



Opposing opinions thrive and diabetics suffer.

We struggle, trying to figure things out on Google, at libraries, talking to dieticians and doctors…and still aren’t sure exactly what to do.  Or why!

At DeRail Diabetes, we are in the trenches with you.  I am a diabetic who’s married to a diabetic, our Cook is diabetic, as is our Doctor.  We getchoo.

Our perspective comes from living it every day. With success.  We are thrilled you are here and welcome you to our community.

- Love Kim

Your Mentors

We want to give you HOPE, teach you how diabetes works, share great recipes, and have fun!

Marianne Petrillo

Marianne Petrillo

The Cook


Kim Minert

Kim Minert

Diabetes Mentor


Helen Hilts, MD

Helen Hilts, MD

The Doctor


Happy Students

Kim and I had our initial visit, and it was extremely eye-opening! I realized what the story is behind insulin resistance, and made a decision to eliminate all white food. (Except cauliflower!) Since our meeting I have lost 5 pounds, and love that I can have a glass of wine now and then.

-Sandy Schenkat

My work with Kim brought me insight into better blood sugar control and peace of mind for my family.

-Danny Brower

Eating the DeRail Diabetes way has been unbelievable. Shocking. My blood sugar has been right in range, the food is fantastic, and I lost 15 pounds! I didn’t do it to lose weight, I did it to get off diabetes medication. Kim has been a constant source of inspiration and information!

-Mike Roberts


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